Intrigue Me

  • Evening walk in Harajuku, getting some experience using the 50mm, learning to *really* love handheld shooting at night…

    I’m enjoying the “walking” aspect of this big city. Street photography, not a strong suit of mine, becomes really interesting. I think I have a healthy respect for an individual’s personal space, which is something that has to be occasionally broached for the brazen that indulge in this type of shooting.

    Me…well, just me and my inexperienced hands trudging through a night scene. However, I see this photo and it reminds me of the mystery of the big city. Perhaps it’s a mistake that my attention was on the street signs and not on the interesting subject in front of me. Perhaps it’s that healthy-respect-for-privacy-thing. The blurred details are sufficient, though, to intrigue me…waifish, light-haired figure waiting, to cross the street, and forever leave my shuttered eye.