Finally finished…

  • …the Christmas card for this year! Since last year, I tried to be a bit creative. A project is always a nice way to motivate yourself…to push you out of the box into new areas. Last year, I was inspired by this photo. While certainly not perfect, I was fairly happy with the results. Lighting was tough, tough. The tree obscures a side window, from which I was able to use available light. I desaturated most colors, except for red, and adjusted the white balance to give an overall neutral effect. Mainly, I liked the idea that the kids were looking up at the tree in a hopeful pose. Fortunately, they also happened to synchronize their foot placement!

    Of course, big rookie mistake was a) not noticing the wire crossing under the tree, and b) not editing it out later! However, it doesn’t detract too much from the overall photo. The biggest compliment I received was from a professional photographer (whose Xmas card was another source of inspiration). She said she felt there was a story behind the picture. That comment inspired me for this year…to strive to have one photo tell a story, which I interpret as a photo having “layers” to what actually may be occurring in the photo.

    Hopefully, that is something that I managed to achieve in this year’s Xmas photo…or at least, took one more step in learning how to do so.