Aspiring Spire

  • My last, full day in Japan has arrived. This trip has been so different from prior ones. Seeing similar locations but with a different perspective has been inspirational and exhausting. Blessed to have the opportunity to experience and the realization pressing home that it is coming to an end, this last, full day has my mind racing of what to see.

    I was inspired by a photograph. That inspiration aspired me to pursue this adventure, with the thought of capturing a reflection of what had motivated me. This photo is that attempt, after scouting the area around Tokyo Tower. I remember my first evening seven days ago, and now I’m full circle. This spot, located near a park in the middle of a cemetery, provides the foreground. I saw it first earlier in the afternoon and after walking around, decided that this could be it when the sunset lighting shows up. Returning back just in time, I move quickly between the rows, mosquitoes eating me alive.

    Blistered legs notwithstanding, my effort is not in vain.