Fasten-ating blog

It’s hard to imagine how I managed in the past, without the wealth of knowledge and treasure trove of information posted online. I recall the old days of encylopedias as the source one had to turn to, with the occasional visit to the library for additional depth. Nowadays, both young (the kids) and old (the folks) can turn to a browser that quickly digs up something about anything.

Case in point: I’m looking at my trusty Swingline stapler. A fine fastening device, certainly, but the recent trip to Japan had me thinking…what would their take be on it? This thought was also stimulated by a recent article, where a photog had highlighter her Japanese wooden tape dispenser. So, with Muji being an eponymous brand of Japanese design, I did a quick search and found this stapler.

However, it wasn’t the sleekness of this design that wowed me. I was struck that this was highlighted on a blog that covers…Stapler of the Week. While it looks like it hasn’t been a weekly highlight, with 67 posts, it still amazes me that since 2007, someone has found the energy, drive and interest to write about…the stapler.

That does impress me.