• I think back on some past travels. In particular, the music I’m grooving to during this late-night photo editing session reminds me of equally late-night walking around Tokyo. This in turn has me reflecting on other occasions I’ve had to visit. This particular one is during the blossoming of 2010, location forgotten. While the day was cloudy, the flowers were no less impressive. The line to enter was already long early in the morning, families looking to stake out their space for a pleasant day under the enormous trees. The park did not disappoint, with the typical attention to detail notable in Japanese gardens. The multiple ponds enhanced the serene feel, almost letting us forget we’re in one of the most dense cities in the world.

    When I see these older pictures, another reminder (and drive) hits me…to return to these locales and shoot them without the mistakes I see now in retrospect. I realize this is a thought of folly, but does not diminish the desire to return to places old or visit places new.