Obligatory Post Bump

  • The nagging thought of not having completed day 7 of my Japan trip weighs me down. That plus the editing of 500+ pics…

    However, life moves forward as I try to look back at completing that project. To this end, children activities are in full swing and I’m fortunate enough to see the kids in their natural state on wonder and learning. Beautifully innocent and emotionally transparent, their faces and actions convey the energy of life unburdened. The subjects are quick, moments fleeting, and it serves to keep my senses sharp and alert, to look at the angles and colors.

    My focused time to edit occurs at night, quiet except for music to awake and inspire me. As was the case when I was shooting in Japan, I find that music moves me to see creative angles I wouldn’t have contemplated. So it is surreal, as if a chord reverberates, that a melancholic Morrissey wails about various life travails as I review photos of smiling children. Vaguely, I recall the album covers of The Smiths, and the imagery it portrays seems similar, somehow. It also strikes me that this same sort of creative nexus is formed by the rare combination of various sensory experiences and emotional states. Of course, this is not induced by any artificial means, but the experience leaves it mark, nonetheless.