Day 4

My appetite for Starbucks continues unfettered. Grounded by this simple routine, I march to Shinjuku to meet up for a day at the beach in Kamakura. Prior evening’s shooting has me feeling lackluster, but I’m hopeful today will yield good things.

After a somewhat long train ride as well as finding a little, lonely guest, we make way to…the beach? No, not yet. 45 minute bus ride awaits. Fortunately, chu hi is locally available – pineapple no less – so I really can’t say no.

Arriving at the beach I find sand…coarser and grayer than accustomed to, but no less a beach it makes. Rie and her friend Tru lead the way to meet up with former coworker Yoko and her family…which came as a total surprise to her since she wasn’t expecting me. Fortunately, we were always on good terms so Venice Beach-type violence was averted.

Canvassing the area, I do what I do, finally settling with Yoko’s husband to enjoy a glass of an interesting Swiss liquer. Pleasant and smooth. Singer and music roll up and the allure of a beach lifestyle beckons.

I get up to go to Big Buddha but apparently, we’re a bit further out then expected. I resign myself to grabbing sunset shots…not a bad alternative and another New Thing.  So many times I’ve seen a sunset from the California side, so I take up the unique chance to see the sunset from the opposite side.

The Japanese singer from NYC floats tunes over the darkening sky, and as we leave the darkness is punctuated by displays of personal fireworks. The CA weenie in me can only stare enviously at something I wish I could do back home.

Getting late…Mt Fuji is calling me, but there’s still time for a unique culinary experience. Korean food – kimchee grilled along with pork, fashioned together in a leaf to form what’s best described as a taco…of sorts. Tasty, different…and the fact I get to strike a gong for service reminds me of the quirky dining scene over here.

My normal anti-social self in stirred by the bit of company I had today, and in retrospect is a good primer to the crowded climb I’m about to take…