Day 1

Excited to have an opportunity to photograph a city I’ve seen numerous times, but this time…through an entirely different perspective. From the oft-forgotten, but still detested flight, in a seat that at one time I thought suitable but, perhaps with growing age has now found itself too small…

…to the experience of landing and getting adjusted to a new setting. That familiarity returns, but with a new level of discomfort I’m not used too. Surprise #1, I guess, but I recall a warning…”Don’t go to Tokyo in the summer.” Sorry…can’t be avoided this time, partner.

Bad juju #1 – forgot the laptop and phone charger in the bus. Very bad juju. Fortunately, it’s a reminder of the exemplary service the country is noted for. Charger found, taxi contributions of ¥2000, and I’m all the wiser. All this excitement has me chomping at the bit to get out and explore. Let’s see…Akasaka….it’s been a while…who cares….long ago I walked from the tower through to Roppongi, and on the map it doesn’t look too far. Music…water…food – thank you Quikie Mart.

Meiji blueberry yogurt…yup, hitting the spot only Meiji can go to.

I’m determined to get to the tower. It’s one of the Primary Goals of the trip…get the tower. Second – indulge in some night shooting. Safe city + well lit = possibilities.

I’m not disappointed. I get my chance. I get close…really close. From the auspicious start I’m encouraged from my evening experience. Quiet but never lonely. Even the heat has died down and I (naively) believe it’s endurable. I shoot shoot shoot, but I’m not synced with my groove…yet. You got time…patience. I try the 50mm out and am disappointed. First time usage is really showing my childlike level of experience. It’s going to be a long road.

I get my shots, as best as I can. Crowds as I get circle closer to the hotel…first Roppongi. No need to see that again. Second, Akasaka. A different sight, for sure. Good night life of the afterhour salaryman.  No need but interesting scene watching.

Walk walk walk and six miles later, I’m in the room, a hint of tiredness just coming over me. I can keep going, but remember…marathon, not sprint.